We deliver consistent, quality housing and reliable service, proving support each step of the way

While we recognize that the majority of our student guests are adults, we view parents and guardians as partners in the preparation and experience of our participants. We welcome your involvement. Your support and ongoing communication with your son or daughter both before and during their program can be an instrumental part of their success.

Here is what you can expect from COH before and during your son or daughter’s time abroad:

  • COH’s Staff and Student Service Directors abroad are committed to delivering high quality student services, and safe, comfortable housing. COH has on-site coordinators and directors in all of its offices to provide ongoing assistance and guidance to our student guests.
  • COH places students in accommodations that meet our high standards for quality, safety and convenience. Safety can never be completely guaranteed, but COH believes that ongoing reviews of our housing facilities and careful, frequent reviews of our health and safety policies mitigate risks.
  • COH sends detailed information and communications to your son or daughter, or their program provider, regarding any changes or important information concerning housing, throughout their study abroad experience: before, during and post-program. We will also communicate with home universities/institutions whenever warranted.
  • COH monitors potential social and political unrest abroad and provides students and/or program providers with instructions regarding how to respond safely in terms of housing issues. We also notify students’ home/host institutions of a given situation, sharing how COH and the host academic program are monitoring and handling matters on the ground.
  • COH provides students with contact information for our in-country staff, who are available 24/7 for ongoing support or emergency needs.
  • COH offers a detailed housing orientation for each student in every apartment, helping prepare them to handle situations independently. Both student and their parents can expect support and timely responses whenever they seek out COH expertise in any situation.