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Comforts of Home - Rome

Comforts of Home provides stylish, comfortable, clean, safe, well-renovated, and centrally located apartments to study abroad students in Rome.

Rome is breathtakingly beautiful, Old World (with a capital "O" and "W"), filled with interesting corners, world-famous art, and amazing gelato. Rome's big, but each neighborhood is like a village -- small enough to walk around and explore. 

We focus on locating our apartments near our academic partners, but in general our accommodations are located in Trastevere, the old section across the river from the historic center.

In any event, your apartment will be no more than a 20-minute walk to your school, and we make sure that our apartments are near plenty of the attractions that make Rome a great city -- day and night!

Comforts of Home's American and bilingual ­­personnel are available around the clock to handle any concern, and our own maintenance team is on call to resolve any problem, usually in just a few hours. All this frees you to focus on studying, making friends, enjoying Rome’s cultural and culinary attractions, and getting the most out of your study abroad experience. 


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Comforts of Rome
Via Federico Rosazza 52
Rome, Italy