High Standards

High Standards

Ordinary apartments in European cities can vary, with modern buildings alternating with others constructed centuries ago. To make sure that all students have a similarly great living experience, we’ve combed through hundreds of apartments to select those that combine the best of the city’s historic charms with modern-day conveniences. 

All of our apartments must meet our strict set of standards, providing consistent, reliable amenities to each student.

We have also developed a firm set of safety standards that adhere to each country’s regulations and meet international expectations—with the students’ well-being as our priority.


High Level of Service

On top of the charm of our apartments and the security we provide, our high level of service sets us apart. 

  • Our multilingual, multicultural staff is available around the clock to handle emergencies.
  • Our own “on-the-ground” maintenance team is on call to resolve any problem, usually in just a few hours.
  • Our industry leading health and safety procedures take every potential incident into account and provide protocol for immediate response.
  • Our own facilities management team inspects, maintains and/or renovates all of its apartments to assure that they meet our high standards.
  • Our partner study abroad program administrators pre-approve all apartments.
  • Our students and academic partners have access to a 24/7 emergency service line.
  • Our thorough check-in process includes a city guide for each apartment, making students feel confident in their new home abroad from day one.

Our attention to providing service and convenience frees students and study abroad administrators to focus on their academic and international experience.